Best Topics To Explore In An Archaeology Dissertation

Archaeology as a college discipline is vast in content and constantly expanding. When pursuing a Master’s Degree, you’ll likely have to write a dissertation. Choosing a topic that interests you will make the process easier. Here are ten topics to inspire you when writing your next thesis:

  1. Psuedoarchaeology
  2. Do pseudoarchaeological theories have logical merit, and if so, then why aren’t some of these theories accepted by traditional archaeologists? Furthermore, is there a benefit to pseudoarchaeology?

  3. Culture-View
  4. Artifacts like the Terracotta Army and the tomb of Tutankhamen were undoubtedly important to the cultures they belonged to. Did their discovery falsely color a generalized idea of what the cultures were like in the eyes of modern society?

  5. Archaeological Mysteries
  6. The Voynich Manuscript might be the most mysterious text in the world. What are some of the most compelling theories of its origin? Based on what you know and what you find most plausible, what can you theorize about the manuscript?

  7. Technology
  8. What artifacts has recent technology aided in the discovery of? Could these artifacts have been discovered without the technology? Would other artifacts be in better condition if our current technology had been used?

  9. World Religion
  10. Many religious motifs are prevalent across ancient cultures that wouldn’t have had contact with each other. Use archaeology to explain this phenomenon.

  11. Ancient Technology
  12. It is still unknown what was used to make Baghdad Batteries and Greek Fire. What are theorists saying? What did this technology say about the cultures they belonged to?

  13. History
  14. Have archaeological discoveries changed our view of history or clarified historical events?

  15. Biblical Proof
  16. The Pilate Stone is said to be proof of Pontius Pilate. What does the stone authenticate? What other artifacts are biblical proof? Do these artifacts authenticate religion or just the events?

  17. Culture
  18. Do an archaeological analysis on a culture such as the remains of Pompeii.

  19. Femininity
  20. The view of women has changed over time as illustrated by artifacts such as the Willendorf Venus. Discuss the worldview of femininity as described by different artifacts.

Finding an interesting topic for your thesis can make a major difference in how easy it is for you to write your dissertation. These topics should give you a few ideas or help you to connect some of your own to create a compelling and professional dissertation.