How To Choose The Best Dissertation Topic For You Based On Key Factors

Choosing the best dissertation topic for undergraduates might feel like a decision facing life or death. It will need to be something great, since there is the possibility that it will be engulfing the final few months of your degree. Here are a few useful tips that you might think about when it comes time for choosing the topic.


Choosing The Right Topic

The best way to choose, is to pick something that you find very interesting. If you have the chance to read through a list of some great dissertation topics, then you can start by choosing some that are standing out to you. Try to choose among those and narrow down to about four, then read more into these topics to develop an understanding of them. If you have developed your own idea, then the best way to generate some ideas would be to read into recent publications from those within your department. This is not only going to show you the areas that are topical, but your potential supervisors will more likely be receptive to those topics that are going to fit into their current themes of research.

The Right Supervisor Is Just As Important

You should also pay attention to your supervisor when choosing a topic. Some of them will have heard the same topics year after year, and therefore the topic, such as dissertation topics in education, might not be as engaging or interesting. You need to know all of the staff that are within your department when you are preparing for your dissertation. Which ones do you find to be the most engaging? Are they going to have the time to be of guidance to you, or will they always be away at fieldwork or conferences? Set up an appointment to meet with them and talk about your topic, however you need to be prepared with inquiries regarding the background you have read. If you leave happy, then this is a good sign you will be successful in your project.