Amazing Ideas For Dissertation Topics In Marketing

If you study to become a specialist in marketing, it’s likely that you’ll have to write a dissertation related to this field. In order to compose a paper that will have a real value, it’s important to select a narrow and meaningful topic. If you’re struggling with finding a suitable study area, a list of topics generated by professionals in marketing should help you.
A List of Great Ideas for a Marketing Dissertation

  1. Ways for retailers to deal with the polygamous behavior of their customers.
  2. The effect of the product availability on the brand image.
  3. The product type and factors that have the influence on direct selling.
  4. The impact of language on the brand identity.
  5. Factors that motivate buyers to pass marketing messages.
  6. Different ways for companies to customize their production.
  7. Conveying the brand image in a mobile marketing environment.
  8. Price adjustment strategies in an offline environment.
  9. The effectiveness of banner advertising on social networks.
  10. The influence of cause-related marketing campaigns on the behavior of buyers.
  11. The impact of innovations on sustaining brands.
  12. The difference of prospecting methods in an offline and online environment.
  13. The influence of Scottish culture on the massive sales of Scottish whiskey around the world.
  14. The effect of gender on the selective distortion among the buyers of luxuries.

Where to Get Help with Selecting a Topic
If it’s very difficult for you to come up with an outstanding marketing dissertation topic, you may approach the following sources for assistance:

  • Your advisor.
  • Although this person won’t provide you with a specific topic that you’ll be able to research, they’ll tell you about different interesting directions that you may focus on to generate good narrow ideas.

  • Your university friends.
  • It’s likely that you have a friend who is more skilled in writing academic papers and generating topics for them. You may ask such a student to provide you with some ideas related to marketing. They should be glad to help you.

  • Competent academic writers.
  • You may find a freelancer on the Internet who specializes in writing research papers and theses in marketing. You may pay them to provide you with a list of outstanding and original topics for your project.

Remember that while choosing a topic for your thesis is a very important step, it’s only the beginning. Make sure to allocate enough time to conduct a proper study and write a strong paper. To get the highest score for your project, you’ll also have to defend it successfully.