Accounting Dissertation Topics You Should Avoid

Are you writing an accounting dissertation, but don’t know which topics to write about and which topics not to write about? Knowing what titles to avoid can lead to great things, since picking the wrong subject to write about can make the task too tricky to get a good grade. You want to make sure that you pick something that is understandable to you, otherwise the job will be a lot harder to do. The trick is to pick something that you know you can write a lot about, since this is how you will rack up the points. So read on to find out some of the worst titles that you should avoid. With that thought here are some accounting dissertation topics that you should avoid.

  • What are the benefits of becoming an accountant?
  • What are the negatives of becoming an accountant?
  • How well do you need to know mathematics to have a job in the accounting industry?
  • How well do you know the basics of accounting?
  • The difference between debit and credit cards
  • How well do you need to know the economy to even try to get a job in accounting?
  • What are the main degrees you need to obtain to have a career in accounting?
  • Why do we need people to have jobs like accountants?
  • Is it worth it to make a career in accounting, does it pay well?
  • Can you get a job in the bank without having any degrees in accounting?
  • Will we need accountants in the future or no?

These are some of the main ones you should want to not right about, because they are hard to get right. Look for something that is simple yet challenging so your professor can see the work that you put in, because some professors even put marks for effort. The best way to ensure a good grade is to write about something you have a ton of knowledge about the benefit of this is that you will save time, since you won’t have to do as much research. However, starting from scratch is not such a bad thing either as you will know more about the world we live in, because you would have to do a lot of research.