A List Of The Most Thought-Provoking PhD Thesis Topics In Law

A PhD thesis is scrutinized beyond your graduation. A good paper will open up incredible opportunities in future and not only used for academic qualification. A thought-provoking title gives your paper the impetus required to create attention around it. It will be captivating to read with everyone who lays his hand on the paper desiring to read through to the end. Here are some of the most interesting topics to study.

  1. Reversal of intellectual property lost by entrepreneurs at start-up stage
  2. When international criminal court is politicized
  3. Tax evasion laws and their impact on developing nations
  4. When hate speech is subject to connotative interpretation
  5. When denial of euthanasia takes away the right of an individual to live a dignified life
  6. Instances where the right to bear fire arms has been misused
  7. When companies declare profits in jurisdictions where their operations are non-existent
  8. The ethical issues surrounding undervaluing of company shares and later taking it over
  9. Imprisonment laws and lack of recognition of gender parity and surrounding social environment
  10. When fundamental freedoms of different citizens overlap
  11. Legal reforms in cyber laws to ensure net-neutrality
  12. Curbing conflicts through reforms of laws surrounding arm manufacture and distribution

It is not enough to have an excellent topic for your thesis. A good paper requires a lot of work and is also engaging. There are several actions you will take that will make your paper easier to write as well as enable you to produce a captivating paper. Here are some of them.

  • Develop a Plan- a lot of work goes into completing a PhD paper. It also takes most of your time and energy over the period. You will require checklist of all the activities and milestones you must achieve. You will be required to research, collect data, compile proposals, draft, analysis, etc. All this can only be achieved with a good plan.
  • Consult Regularly- a PhD paper is detailed and complex. Do not assume that you understand everything. Consulting also gives you confidence that you are doing the right thing. As such, speak to your supervisor regularly and let him or her evaluate your progress. You will never have to waste time or resources redoing a section.
  • Use a Template- a template ensures that you get the structure right. Get a reliable template from your supervisor. It saves you time since you only concentrate on content.

The topic chosen for your thesis should be relevant and interesting to read. Consult your supervisor before settling on any topic. Make it unique by avoiding areas that have been exhaustively studied.